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 Final Snow | Kyo (oneshot)

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MesajSubiect: Final Snow | Kyo (oneshot)   Mier Aug 25, 2010 6:18 am

  • Title: FINAL SNOW 最後の雪
  • Author: Kii
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Genre: fluff? romantic I guess.

  • Characters: Kyo, OFC
  • Pairing: Kyo x OFC
  • Warnings: You'll be alright if you read it, I promise.
  • Langauge: ENGLISH (and a little Japanese)
  • Author Notes: One-shot-ul a fost de fapt o cerere, un "trade". Eu am scris ceva pentru persoana respectiva si ea a scris ceva pentru mine. Am multe de genul scrise, dar sunt 18+ rated xD Asta e mai decent. Enjoy!

Your eyes were sparkling brightly at the magnificent sight in front of you. Slowly, you lifted your hand to touch the cold, breakable glass that separated you from the beautiful show outside. Your eyes traveled to meet the ash-coloured sky that was crying with quiet elegant flakes of snow. You couldn’t just stay there and watch, you needed to feel the round flakes hitting your face gently. It was the first snow this winter and you wanted to enjoy it…with your boyfriend…who was nonchalantly sleeping.

You approached the bed with a big smile on your face. You were excited and enthusiastic. You took a sit on the edge of the bed, poking your almost naked boyfriend in the ribs to get some kind of reaction from him. Too bad he didn’t even flinch. You were getting frustrated, you certainly didn’t want the snowing to stop before you can go outside, so you tried to move Kyo, maybe he’ll wake up…but to your disappointment, he didn’t. You were getting impatient and angry at his actions…or lack of them. Your smile dissolved into a frown. Why doesn’t he move? Why doesn’t he say something?

You had to wake him up. But how? Another smile appeared on your face, but this time it was a devious one. You lay down on the bed at his side, placing your hand on top of his abs, running it up his chest and to his neck, your hand covering his tattoos. With a sigh you closed the space between your lips and his ear, speaking with a hoarse low voice.

“Kyo, you have no idea how cute you look when you’re sleeping, when you wiggle your little nose and when you suck in air through your mouth as your abs slowly raise and fall. Your cuteness really turns me on.” You finished.

“What?!” He yelled startling you. He faced you, a frown clearly visible on his face. And…all you could do was laugh. He didn’t seem too amused though.

“Why did you wake me up for, Arri? I’m tired, I haven’t got too much sleep last night…and I have a vague impression you know perfectly why.” He said in a growl, propping his head on his hands.
You stopped laughing. Indeed, you knew why he was tired and a faint blush painted your cheeks. But so what? It’s winter, it’s the first snow, it’s worth it!

“Kyo, please! Look, outside it’s so beautiful, it’s snowing! C’mon, let’s get out of here!” You tried pointing your finger to the window. He looked in the direction you were pointing at. Seeing the immense amount of pure white snowflakes woke him up a little.

“Ugh…ok, but only if you give me a massage. My back hurts from last night.” He said, looking at you from the corner of his eyes as he spoke, then turning his sight to the window again, faintly smiling as if he had just remembered something.

“Ok…You promise?” You asked wondering why he would smile.

“はい.” He answered quickly.

You once again crawled into the bed as he turned so you could do your job. You straddled his waist and gently started to massage his shoulders and backside. He let out small moans muffled by the pillow under his head, clearly enjoying what you were doing to him. You couldn’t help but to notice how sexy his backside and shoulders are. After finishing doing the massage, you left the bed.

“Ok, now is time for some fun!” You called out, raising your arms in joy and closing your eyes. But there was no sound. You opened your eyes and turned so you can see your lover…asleep.

“なに~?? Ehh? No way, no way! You said…you promised!”

Now you were more than angry. No, no, he won’t get away with it, ‘cause you had another plan. You went to the door, going out of the bedroom, making sure to slam the door shut. You took your jacket, put on some shoes and went outside.

You couldn’t even see in front of your eyes because of the snowflakes that were pouring from the sky. You smiled. There’s no way Kyo won’t get out of the apartment with you today! You leaned down and picked up some snow making a snowball…two snowballs…and finally three snowballs. You took them with you back in the apartment you and your lover were sharing and up into your bedroom, where your sexy rocker was still soundly asleep. You approached the bed and with the snowballs in your hands, you raised them above his clothless back and crushed the snowballs in your hands, freeing the snowflakes on your lover’s back before running.
You were at the bottom of the stairs when you heard loud yelling and things crashing. You had to admit that you felt a little guilty. You walked out of the apartment once again, in the snow.

After five minutes, Kyo accompanied you, a visible smirk smeared on his lovely face. The next very moment, you were on the ground, with Kyo on top of you and your face facing the crying sky, snowflakes hitting your face. But isn’t it what you wanted? Heh, you smiled happily. You won….You tried to take Kyo off of you but you couldn’t, he wouldn’t move. He hugged you tightly burying his face into your warm neck, his cold nose and warm breath tickling you…Ok, maybe you haven’t won, yet!

“愛してる, ばか女!(Aishiteru, baka onna)” He said, his breath warming your now cold exposed neck, then pressing his dry lips over your skin, lightly kissed you.

Finally, he got off of you and helped you stand up as well. Taking your hand in his, you started walking to the park. You clung to his arm making him smile. Even if you couldn’t see it, you knew he was smiling and that made you even happier.

“This somehow reminds me of ‘Ain’t afraid to die’ lyrics.” You said almost in a whisper, not knowing if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Your feet were moving through the nearly 8 inches layer of snow with difficulty.

“No. This isn’t the final snow we’re going to watch together.” He said, locking eyes with you. “Because you’ll stay with me forever.” He continued, still looking in your eyes. You were about to cry, you couldn’t believe what he was saying. “Or maybe it will be, if we will die frozen, covered by snow in the middle of this park. Isn’t it just exciting?”

“Yeah, very romantic.” You replied, but couldn’t help but smile at the thought, as crazy as it sounds. He leaned in for a kiss which lasted more than it was planned to last. You wrapped your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.

You were in the park, with you lover, who wasn’t all grumpy for once, the snow was hitting your face and you were enjoying it all. This time…you’ve won!
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Final Snow | Kyo (oneshot)
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